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Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Every tooth has roots and every root has nerve. There are various stages of infection in a tooth. When the nerve or pulp in the tooth is irreversibly infected, Root Canal Treatment comes in play. In simple words, it’s a process of removing infected nerve from the tooth and filling it with a plastic like rubbery material called gutta percha. Thus the natural tooth is prevented from losing!

What are the benefits of Root Canal?

 Also spoken as Endodontics by dental folks, Root Canal is a way of saving the infected tooth. If we can save natural teeth then why not right! Nerve infections in tooth can be caused by extensive tooth decay, gum diseases, trauma, excessive wearing of teeth, etc.

Root Canals are also combined with surgical interventions if the infected sites are extensive. Sometimes once treated teeth can get reinfected and need another treatment which are called re-treatment. Often times root canal treated teeth are covered with full coverage crowns to prevent them from breaking because they may have become brittle and can fracture.