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Gum Surgeries to Treat Gum Diseases – Bone Grafting, Gum Grafting

  • Gums or Gingiva are the pink soft tissues covering the roots of the teeth. 

  • When they get inflamed and start to bleed, it is called Gingivitis

  • Gums are attached with the jaw and teeth via soft attachments called periodontal ligaments. 

  • The whole assembly of roots, jaw, ligaments and gums are called Periodontium. 

  • If teeth have plaque or tartar which are form of bacteria, periodontium gets affected and gums starting to lose attachments and can get puffy. 

  • These problems are called Periodontitis and progression of them lead to loss of gums, bone and eventually teeth. Regular teeth cleaning and maintenance can prevent these from happening.

How is a gum disease treated?

First and foremost thing to do is regular home care. Get that floss out!!

  When you are diagnosed with gum disease, there are several approaches to treat them depending on their extent. In the early stages, more frequent cleaning visits and oral hygiene education is usually sufficient to manage it. However, there are surgical interventions needed in advanced stages. Various types of periodontal cleaning, bone grafts, gum grafts are many other modalities are available to perform depending on the extent of the disease and individual’s health.

  At Queens Family Dentistry, we provide special perio programs for the clients who are in need because of the periodontal diseases. Call us for more details!