Digital Radiography and Clinical Photographic Tools

Crown and Bridge

  • There are numerous options available including crowns and bridges to restore teeth functionally and aesthetically. 

  • Crowns and bridges are designed digitally or manually to achieve the perfect fit, function and aesthetics. 

  • They are made of ceramic, porcelain or precious alloys. A bridge is an assembly to replace a missing or previously extracted tooth.

Digital Radiography and Clinical Photographic Tools

Digital Radiography and Clinical Photographic Tools

When is a crown or a bridge needed? What is the procedure?

  • When there is extensive damage to a tooth because of decay, trauma, bruxism or other reasons, full coverage of the tooth is required to prevent the remaining tooth structure from breaking apart. Crown can also be used for aesthetic purposes. A bridge is one of the options to replace an empty area between the two or more teeth.


  • A crown or bridge is usually one or two appointment procedure. The first visit is to prep the teeth, and get an impression of it. A temporary crown or bridge is placed at the end of the first visit. The second visit is to cement the lab custom fabricated crown or bridge which are seamless and similar as natural teeth in shape and size. At Queens Family Dentistry, we provide the best advice and plans on what suits the best for our lovely patients!