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Why scared to go to dentist?

Dentistry has come a long way and new inventions are focused on making dental experiences as comfortable as possible.

Nitrous Oxide aka Laughing or Happy gas is one of the great way of alleviating dental anxiety. No need to be scared of dental appointments anymore when you have laughing gas that can make your experience pleasant and relaxing!

Best thing about Nitrous Oxide is that it is administered using a mask! It is used in conjunction with Oxygen and it’s reversible. Rather than knocking you out, Nitrous Oxide provides a form of conscious sedation which is called relative analgesia which makes you feel relaxed. Laughing gas is safe to administer in almost everyone. Masks are available in different sizes and flavours which can be picked by the patient the time of appointment.

Oral Sedation is another form of commonly used mild or moderate sedation that is provided via sedative medicines administered orally 1 hour before the appointments. Benzodiazepines are the commonly used drugs and they make you feel relaxed, calm and alleviate the anxiety. There are different dosages for different individuals. Patients are required to be accompanied by a family member or a friend as patients can’t drive or perform more focused activities for the day because of the sedation effects which can last few hours after the procedure or more.